Top Fundraisers
1. Nicole Green $5,305.00
2. Amber Streifel $5,000.00
3. Jon David $2,611.00
4. Zahava Altshul $1,751.00
5. Natalia Skuba $1,400.80
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Total Participants: 42


Team Rank
1. Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, WI - 10/4/15 $5,305.00
2. Ragnar Relay, Minnesota - 8/15-16/15 $5,000.00
3. Rivertown Runners, NY - 3/21/15 $2,611.00
4. Tel Aviv Marathon, Israel - 2/27/15 $1,751.00
5. San Francisco Marathon, CA - 7/26/15 $1,400.80
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Total Teams: 29

Total Raised: $24,072.80

Rett Racers

Going the Distance for Rett Syndrome

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"I love someone with Rett Syndrome!"

Team Havana just steps from the finish of their first marathon.

Families and Friends in the Rett syndrome community are dedicated and enthusiastic fundraisers for Volunteers from around the country have contacted us to learn how to fundraise as part of a distance or endurance event for which they have already signed up and to find out how they can connect with other volunteers who may be participating in the same event.

You have asked and this is our answer! Check out the Race/Event list on the right side of this page. If your Race/Event is listed, click through to the Race/Event page and Join. You will create and customize a personal fundraising page where you can upload photos, tell your story, send emails to friends and family, and connect to Facebook. If your Race/Event is not listed, click the Register Here button above and select the "my Race/Event is not listed" option. An representative will follow up with you to complete your registration and add your Race/Event to the list.

Questions and feedback can be shared with at (800) 818-7388 or

Louisiana Marathon and Rendezvous - Baton Rouge, LA - January 16-18, 2015

Racers participating in the Louisiana Marathon 2015 in support of should REGISTER for the race AND JOIN the Rowdy Rett Racers Louisiana Marathon 2015 team.

"In 2014, our charities raised over $155,000 and we contributed another $9,000 to volunteer groups that supported us throughout the event weekend.  In total, over $300,000 has been raised since 2012 and well on our way to over $500,000 after our January event concludes in 2015." - Louisiana Marathon is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation registered as the International Rett Syndrome Foundation

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